Field Day 2022 Festival with Stacked Lineup

Field Day festival 2022 is back for an amazing homecoming, with Victoria Park in East London announced as the Field day London location. The most awaited show is set to roll out on Saturday, August 20th 2022, as a part of APE programme. The Field day lineup will set the stage on fire with some of electronic music’s most revered names. 

Note: The Field day tickets are up for grabs are selling out quickly!

Field Day 2022

After the successful stints in Meridian Water and Brockwell Park, the Field Day London festival and the All Points East festival returned to Victoria Park in time for its 15th anniversary in 2022. So, save the date, and let the UK Time take you on a ride through the important details of the stunning Field Day festival 2022, shall we? First up;

Field Day Lineup

Regardless of being a single-day event, the Field day festival is pumped up with a stacked up lineup. The Chemical Brothers., Daniel Avery, Emerald b2b, It is called HAAi., and many others are some of the electronic pioneers who will play at the Field day in 2022.

When is Field Day 2022?

Field Day Festival date is Saturday, August 20th 2022. The Field day set times are between 12 PM to 3 AM, with the doors opening at 1 PM. 

Who will headline the Field Day 2022 festival? 

The well-set lineup will be headlined by special guest Peggy Gou, The Chemical Brothers. and Kraftwerk. The DJ sets and live performances from the industry’s top selectors with Artwork b2b CC: DISCO, Daniel Avery – Live, Carl Craig b2b Moodymann., Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici and many more. 

Let’s look at the full Field Day Lineup for 2022;

Complete Field Day Lineup 2022 

  • The Chemical Brothers.
  • Denis was b2b Mella Dee.
  • It is called HAAi.
  • The film is called “Kraftwerk 3D.”
  • The woman is named Eliza Rose.
  • Heléna Star.
  • There is a special guest: Peggy Gou.
  • The b2b is emerald.
  • Kareem Ali is a man.
  • DISCO! is an artwork b2b CC.
  • Erol Alkan is from Turkey.
  • The Logic1000.
  • Carl Craig b2b Moodymann.
  • The DJ set is called FJAAK.
  • It is Otik.
  • Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici, Cici
  • Some points are floating.
  • Say a salute.
  • There is a live Daniel Avery.
  • The power to the PPL was discussed by Folamour.
  • Squarepusher is live!
  • There is a tourist live.

Where is Field Day 2022?

The Field day festival location is the iconic Victoria Park. The Field day London is a standalone festival, sandwiched in-between an array of All Points East festivals and events taking place on the same site –Victoria Park. 

What time does field day start and finish?

The Festival begins at 1 PM with the gates opening around noon. The back to back performances go on until 3 AM.

When is last entry into the Festival? 

Entry to the festival arena is not allowed after the last entry time is 8:30 PM.

What is Field Day festival capacity?

Field Day London festival, a single-day event sandwiched between many other All Points East events, has the capacity of 30,000 persons at Victoria Park – so hurry up and grab your Field Day Tickets before those run out. 

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How many stages does Field Day have?

In 2022 the Festival is geared up to celebrate the full spectrum of electronic music with DJ and live performances all in one day and with three separate stages of musical delight. Running louder and longer with the indoor stages, including the main stage – going late till 3 AM– is an unrivalled and unique prospect for the London festivals. 

Field Day Tickets

Field Day Tickets Type Total Price Price Breakdown Status 
1st Release $132  $125 + $7 booking fee  SOLD 
2nd Release $139  $132 + $7 booking fee SOLD
3rd Release $152  $145 + $7 booking fee SOLD 
4th Release $167  $160 + $7 booking fee On Sale
VIP $257  $250 + $7 booking fee On Sale

Benefits of the VIP Field Day tickets

When you buy a VIP ticket, you get access to an exclusive, fully air-conditioned cocktail bar, along with the perks of an express entry to the Filed day. Additionally, you also gain access to the viewing platform of the stage; tons of VIP toilets are made available for the VIP ticket holders, in addition to free concierge, comfy seating and cloakroom facilities. 

Can I give my field day ticket to someone else?

Unless specified by your ticketing agent, field day tickets are non-transferable.

What type of Festival is Field Day?

Field day festival is an outdoor music festival on August 20th in London. Alternative rock is one of the genres that make up the festival genre.

Field Day set times and Date

12 PM to 3 AM on August 20th 2022. 


  1. The Victoria Park London Borough of Tower Hamlets is located in London.
  2. Brockwell was a part of the year.
  3. There is water in the year 2019.
  4. The Festival will return to Victoria Park in the year 2022.

Years active

To present in 2007.

Can you bring alcohol Field Day?

“The food and drinks can’t be brought to the festival location. There is only one exception, plastic water bottle containers of 500ml capacity.”

What are the stage times for Field Day 2022?

The stage set times for the field day have not been announced yet, so please visit us and the official website for further guidance.

Can I buy tickets for Field Day 2022?

You can buy tickets for the Field day festival as they are on sale with their official website, other online sources, and the selling platforms. Currently, the 5th release general admission tickets are available for £70+ booking fee. Also, the 5th release VIP Field day tickets are up for grabs for £115+ booking fee. 

“You don’t want to miss Field Day 2022 if you buy the tickets before they sell out.”

Travel to Field Day Festival 2022

The Field day festival is set to go on stage in Victoria Park, situated in the borough of Tower Hamlets, on the east end side of London. 

Field Day Location

  • London E3 is at Victoria Park.

The public transport network is well served by the central London location of the Festival. Attendees of the Field Day festival are urged to use public transport.

“Don’t bring your car and use public transport or bike to reach the event, because there is no parking facility at the festival venue and also in and around Victoria Park.”

Tube / Overground 

Mile End station is linked through the district and central lines and is the optimal tube station for Victoria Park/Field day festival. There are overground stations nearby to the festival site.


The Festival is located at Victoria Park, which is close to all of the passes. When the event ends, some buses are diverted because of roads closing.

The TFL buses all have level access and can accommodate one wheelchair passenger.

Last Bus Services

  • The service lasts 8 to 24 hours.
  • There is a service for 24 hours.
  • The last service was at 0100.
  • The last service was 2350.
  • The last service was on January 1, 2010
  • The last service of D3 was on January 15.
  • The last service was D6.


Make sure to follow the signs for the taxi and private hire pick up area at the field day.

The taxi picks up point is the only closet location that vehicles can access, barring road closings. The festival location has step-free access and the pickup point is 500m away. The best way to get to the taxi pick up location is to follow the guidelines and follow the signs.

Is there car parking at Field Day 2020 festival? 

“Don’t bring your car, instead use public transport, because there are no parking facilities at the field day event and in the close vicinity of Victoria Park.”

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